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Rep Council

By-Laws and Minutes
Part-time Faculty
Political Action

Current Officers, Chairs, and Representatives

Rep Council meets every other Monday from 12:30 to 2 PM in BEB-204 on the Rancho campus.
Watch your Chaffey e-mail for agendas--All constituents are welcome.

President Jonathan Ausubel x 6937
Vice President Rod Elsdon x 6434
Secretary Emily Avila x 6417
Treasurer Diana Cosand x 6410
Membership Chair
Luke Gunderson x 7240
Grievance Officers Jon Ausubel x 6937 Naomi McCool  x 6267
Bruce Osburn x 6862
Equity team
Deanna Hernandez (Human Rights) x 7139
Sheila Malone (LGBTQ+) x 6093
Rose Ann Osmanian (Women's Issues) x 6925
Political Action Committee Chair Marlene Soto x 7349
Political Action Committee Treasurer Cynthia Parker x 6272
Site representatives
Ava Nguyen x 7457 (Fontana)
Robin Ikeda x 8012 (Chino)
Health Sciences Rachel Arciniega x 6674 Marlene Soto x 7349
Instructional Support Greg Creel x 6909 Mellanie Reeve x 6806
Language Arts Daniel Keener x 6943 Sean Connelly x 6944
Part Time Faculty Kevin Baccari x Carolyn Ward x 7942
Mathematics & Science Brad Hughes x 6397 Mark Padilla x 6411
Business & Applied Technology Bruce Osburn x 6862 Steve Siedschlag x 6855
Counseling & Student Services Kristen Burleson x 6189 Jeff Harlow x 6314
Social & Behavioral Sciences Kevin Cameron x 6264 Vince Nobile x 6070
Visual & Performing Arts Sheila Malone x 6093 Erik Jacobson x 6064

Monica Carter (Chief negotiator) x 6251
Jo Alvarez x 6961
Bret McMurran x 6268
vacant (alernate)

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