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Political Action

The CCFA political action committee (PAC) is charged making recommendations to  CCFA's Rep Council regarding political activity.

We are a non-partisan group that advocates for broad rights for all faculty, members and non-members of the CCFA alike, at the Board level and in Sacramento.

We monitor Board members to ensure that the faculty is treaty fairly and education is the priority. Having competent Board members who work together for the benefit of the whole college means a lot to us.

Maria Vitale and
              Jin Liu represent CCFA at the NEA RA

During election cycles, we interview candidates and often make endorsements for candidates to the Chaffey College Governing Board. We will fund ads in papers, send mailers, set up on-line announcements, and make phone calls to support our candidates.

If there is a school bond issue such as Measure L, the bond that funded the construction of so many new buildings at Chaffey, we might back it and advocate for it.

The PAC at Chaffey focuses mainly on the college, faculty, and local issues. We try to limit our advocacy to issues that directly impact us and generally avoid political issues that do not directly impact our college.

Since membership dues cannot be used for political activity, the PAC depends on your contributions; if you'd like to contribute through payroll deduction or to change your monthly contribution, please use this form.  If you'd like to make a one-time contribution, please use this form.

Marlene Soto, PAC Chair

Cynthia Parker, PAC Treasurer

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