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Even before the Janus ruling, CCFA was never a "fair share" association, which means that CCFA never collected funds from non-members even though it has always represented them.  Faculty are not automatic members; to be a member, faculty must enroll.*
In addition to a vote in all elections for representatives, for negotiators, and for new contracts, CCFA members benefit from a smorgasbord of CTA and NEA member benefits--Well-baby programs, restaurant discounts, insurances (several free), free legal counsel, free magazine subscriptions--all these advantages and many more come with membership.


* 2019-2020 annual dues
NEA $196.00
CTA $819.00
CCFA $100.00

NEA $66.50
CTA $139.50
CCFA $5.00
Maria Vitale and Jin Liu at NEA RA

CCFA members are entitled to a variety of discounts, programs and special offers that add up to substantial savings. In fact, a member can easily recover the cost of membership when taking advantage of exclusive discounts and offers that include:

Please print this enrollment form, complete, sign and date at the bottom, then deliver your enrollment form to CCFA Membership Chair, Luke Gunderson (x 7240) in FNAC (Fontana) or to your group reps.

Note: CTA dues at each category includes a $20 Voluntary Dues Contribution to support CTA advocacy and the CTA Foundation for Teaching and Learning.  Members not wishing to contribute may request a refund.

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