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In 1981, the Chaffey College Teachers' Association was born, led by President Phil Hartley and Chief Negotiator Mike Viera.  The District had 400,000 residents; the College had 13,000 students and about 250 full-time faculty.  The first collectively-bargained faculty contract formed an association of full- and part-time faculty; it was 34 pages long.

Load factors were introduced in 1985, when CCTA was renamed to CCFA; full-time salary ranged from $17,800 to $33,000.

Today, CCFA continues to represent 230 full- and 800 part-time faculty at a multi-campus college that serves 20,000 students.

CCTA/CCFA Presidents (dates approximate): Phil Hartley (1981 to 1984); John Extale (1984-1988); Woodford Martin (1988-1991); Louise Agos (1991-1995); Michael Alexander (1995 to 2002); Bret McMurran (2002 to 2017); Jon Ausubel (2017 to present).

CCTA/CCFA Negotiators
(dates approximate):  Jonathan Ausubel (2002-2011), Pauline Corse (1997-1999); DE Creasy-Valdez (2000-2002, 2009-2011); Greg Creel (2014-present); Dale DesLauriers (2000-2005); Vera Dunwoody (2014-2016); Rod Elsdon (2016-present); John Fay (2003-2011); Chris Flores (2004-2007); Sue Herman (2013-present); Bret McMurran (1999-2002); Erna Noble (1987-1996); Kyle Pennett (1998-2002); Frank Pinkerton (1981-1998); Jim Powell (2000-2001); Art Sheppard (1987-1997); Bob Toister (1995-1998); Mike Viera (1980-1985)

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